H1B Visa Jobs and Sponsorship for 2014 - are you ready?

Each year 85,000 H1B visas are available, and each year every available visa gets applied for and issued. 2014 will be no exception.

The big question is: do you want a low,  medium, or HIGH opportunity to obtain H1B visa jobs and sponsorship to live and work in the USA ?

If you want a HIGHer opportunity, here's 7 proven steps to follow that will help you achieve the best results:

1) Tune up your resume - it has a critical job to do for you.

Your resume has about 5-10 'seconds' to initially capture the attention of a prospective employer, make them want to read in more detail, and get them interested in shortlisting you for an interview. 

Your resumes job is one of the most important parts in the recruitment process - it has to to make you stand out, get you considered, and get your foot in the door. And your resume has to do it's job better than the pile of other resumes that recruiters have to look at and choose from.

2) Recruiters and hiring personnel are very busy people.

It's their job to look through potential candidates resumes all day long, and they know how to scan, spot, qualify and shortlist by glancing at a resume for just a few seconds. If they don't instantly see what they're looking for, they move on to the next. 

If Your resume is too long or too short, has grammar or spelling mistakes, contains non-US allowed personal details (age, sex, religion, gender etc etc), is poorly formatted or presented, does not expertly highlight the advantages and benefits you present to an employer - it will most likely end up in the trash and you'll miss out on what could have been the perfect opportunity.

Also, in the U.S., if you're not shortlisted, don't expect a recruiter to spend their time letting you know. They're 100% focused on the shortlisted candidates and communicating with them to arrange interviews, (not the pile of resumes/candidates that didn't make the cut).  

3) Focus on prospective Companies that present Your Highest-Opportunity for H1B visa sponsorship.

Many companies do and many do not consider or offer visa sponsorship employment positions to International workers. You can imagine what a waste of time it is applying to companies and maybe even getting interviews with companies you don't know or aren't aware will NOT offer visa sponsorship. And how frustrating it is when they want you but will Not file a visa for you.

Find the right recruiters and hiring personnel in your Highest opportunity Companies. Contact them, apply to them, follow up with them, and network with them to stay updated about current and potential new opportunities that may be on the horizon. 

4) Focus on the right jobs that have a real opportunity to get you an H1B visa.

Even after you research, qualify, and find "your" Highest-Opportunity prospective companies, remember that some jobs might be and some jobs might not be available for visa sponsorship. Try to find out which ones are to avoid wasting time applying to jobs that do Not have a real potential of ending with a visa.

5) The employment market is on the move 24x7

The fact is new jobs continually come and go all the time. What you don't see today, you might see tomorrow, next week, or next month. Track, monitor and stay on top of your search to stay ahead of your competition.

6) It's a limited market, not an open one. It takes longer.  

The number of visas available each year is limited. Visa sponsorship employment is a limited / niche market.

Recruiting Foreign nationals on visa sponsorship is a more thorough and in-depth process, and it takes longer than searching, finding, interviewing, and getting hired in your own Country as a local. Plan and prepare accordingly.

7) Time is one of your best friends

The more time you have to accomplish your goal, the better your opportunity and chances are to achieve real success.

For visa sponsorship there is a limited time, and also a limited time for visa application filing. In this situation, think of time as a window that's closing. The closer you get to the time that visas can be filed, the more the window has closed and the smaller opportunity you have to accomplish everything that's necessary and required within the limited timeframes.

There's a lot to do. It's never too early to start, but it can be too late.

For visa sponsorship try to start at least six months before visa applications can be filed, if you want a HIGHer level of opportunity. 

Everything is possible. Everything is achievable. If you want the HIGHest opportunity 
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